Work order as single source of truth in maintenance

Work order is the single most important document in the system. It contains all information needed for planning, tracking and evaluating performance and spare part consumption.
A smart work order also links to relevant information and manuals to keep any maintenance operation safe and in line with established processes and regulation.

Workload planning

Optimize short-term maintenance plans and keep all tasks aligned with the long-term maintenance goals.

Frictionless work requests

With the NEO CMMS app in the pocket of every employee, it is super simple to record and track events that are relevant to the maintenance team.

Improving communication between maintenance teams

Turn speculation into informed decisions. Establish traceability and provide insight into asset history with instant access to all relevant information with NEO CMMS. For everyone, not just the chosen few.

The single favourite tool for C-suite, maintainers and everyone else.

With relentless focus on output, we need to remember the things we love about our work.
Work with passion and the results will follow.
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