Build a digital twin of your maintenance. Optimise your maintenance processes by connecting everyone with a single app

Collect reports and insights from across the company floor, access real-time data, schedule work orders and keep your team connected.
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CMMS for Maintainers

  • Work orders information from your phone
  • Smart work orders and no pointless admin
  • A mobile app adapted for work on the go that keeps you focused on what matters
  • Available in your local language

CMMS for Heads of maintenance

  • Easy planning and review of all maintenance activities
  • Automated scheduling of planned maintenance
  • Efficient use of maintenance resources

CMMS for Management

  • Single source of truth for maintenance of all production assets
  • Insight into the economics of maintenance activities
  • Improved production and maintenance risk management
  • Make informed maintenance and investment decisions based on credible and reliable data
Why your business needs a modern digital solution now more than ever
Why should you choose NEO CMMS?
Existing maintenance solutions rely on complex CMMS systems.
Their implementation requires a lot of time, effort and customization, and adoption in the workforce is poor with low feedback scores.
NEO CMMS is designed with end users in mind. A smooth and modern UI provides users with key data at their fingertips.

Your digital twin for maintenance

Make it easy to transfer good practices from key maintenance processes into a modern digital system.

Lean implementation

Instead of setting up your entire inventory in a complex and time-consuming process, we focus on a handful of key components for immediate impact.

Total flexibility

The system is quickly adapted to fit your existing processes in order to eliminate any negative impact to operations.

Simple to use

It’s so simple to use that all key roles are onboarded on the first day/in the first session. Once you achieve usage, you can start expanding NEO CMMS’s purpose by adding more use cases.

Passionate support

A responsive and dedicated IT support team is constantly on the lookout to help.

The single favourite tool for C-suite, maintainers and everyone else.

With relentless focus on output, we need to remember the things we love about our work.
Work with passion and the results will follow.
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