Organise assets in a way that already works for you

Structure your assets hierarchically. By defining relations between them you are guaranteed better insights on the impact of each asset on production.

Assets can be grouped by a number of parameters and filtered at the point of need to quickly access asset performance-related information.

Automate preventive maintenance planning

Create a complete set of rules for automated work order generation, based on time intervals, values of automatic or manual metre readings and other conditions.

Going beyond work orders – store all relevant information

Maintaining a clean record of all work orders related to an asset or assembly line is a great start. 
Now imagine that you can combine this data with remarks from machine operators and various metre readings to better understand every aspect of every asset - anytime.

Last but not least – all information is automagically structured for future reference and analysis.

Storing metre readings

Much like remarks from operators, maintainers or assembly line workers, a full history of metre readings can provide important information about the behaviour and performance of the device.

Account for spare parts in maintenance

Maintain up-to-date spare parts records for every asset and connect them with your warehouse database. Track their usage and replacement cycles to improve asset management and automate the ordering process

The single favourite tool for C-suite, maintainers and everyone else.

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