Learn from the lessons of maintenance history

Having your maintenance history neatly organised, it helps your workforce make better decisions and learn from each other with the help of NEO CMMS. Build a culture of continuous improvement by helping your people to connect the dots.

Use any list as an Excel spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheets are great for analysing and reporting, but exporting data out of CMMS can be tedious. Instead you can create your own set of custom data views and filters directly in NEO CMMS.

Handpick your KPIs

Based on your maintenance goals and policies you can track and analyse various parameters on the level of spare parts, components, and all the way up to devices, assembly lines and their locations.

Focus on device reliability

You can manually set device status in the CMMS, or automatically update status and usage data via our APIs. NEO CMMS allows communication to a host of 3rd party monitoring software and sensors.
Option to monitor the device uptime manually

Failure analysis

Analyse failures of devices and their subcomponents by analysing work order data.

The single favourite tool for C-suite, maintainers and everyone else.

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